GNSR unknown (body only) (scrapped)

GNSR unknown (body only) (scrapped)

GNSR unknown (body only) (scrapped)
GNSR unknown (body only) (scrapped)


Present Location Bennachie (scrapped)
County Location Aberdeenshire
Designed For GNSR
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement Body only
Additional Notes GNSR is possible as is LNER - otherwise uncertain, but thought to be perishables vehicle of some sort. Located at Whitewell, Bennachie, Aberdeenshire. 06/16: still in situ; but no longer present 06/18 - thought to have been broken up on site (some timbers still present which could have come from it).
Grid Reference NJ 702216
Rarity n/a
Operating No
Photo Date 21/06/2015
Photo by Peter Hall
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 24/06/2018





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