NER 2853 7-Compartment Composite (body only) built 1901

NER 2853 7-Compartment Composite (body only) built 1901

NER 2853 7-Compartment Composite (body only) built 1901
NER 2853 7-Compartment Composite (body only) built 1901


Present Location Tanfield Railway
County Location Tyne & Wear
Designed For NER
Build Location York
Built by NER
Diagram number 64
Type C
First Number 2853
Later Numbers 22853 (LNER)
Present Number NCB A15
Current Livery NER deep crimson
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement Body only
Original Underframe No
Original Bogies/Wheelsets No
Additional Notes Seven-compartment composite built at York in January 1901. When built, it had air brakes and 5 first class and 2 third class compartments. In February 1906 it had 2 first class compartments downgraded to third to produce the following configuration: 3/3/1/1/1/3/3. Later it became all third. In January 1931 it was converted to vacuum brakes (LNER standard) and would have received all over teak brown paint and LNER number 22853. It was eventually withdrawn in June 1946 and the body was grounded in the late 1940s as accommodation at Wiggenhall St James, Norfolk. P and briefly to the projected Bramley Line (Wisbech to March, Cambridgeshire). Then stored in North East from late 2013 until 02/15 when to Stanegate Restorations & Replicas, Haltwhistle. 10/17: to Tanfield Railway following completion of its restoration, and mounted on newly refurbished chassis of BR-GWR Siphon G 1046 (qv). 05/18: back into operational use as NCB A15 (the next number in the National Coal Board (NCB) sequence).
Owner Private
External Structural Condition Very Good
Underframe Condition Not Applicable
External Finish Very Good
Degree of External Originality Some replaced/reproduced material
Degree of External Authenticity Very Good
Degree of Underframe Authenticity Not Applicable
Rarity n/a
Historical Importance no Immediate Importance/Not Applicable
Storage Secure Open
Operating Yes
Survey Date 09/05/2010
Surveyor Andrew Jenkins
Photo Date 31/05/2018
Photo by Malcolm Brown
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 13/07/2018

Andrew Jenkins 09/05/2010: earlier condition
Andrew Jenkins 09/05/2010: earlier condition




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