LNWR 109 Four-wheel Brake Third built 1911

LNWR 109 Four-wheel Brake Third built 1911

LNWR 109 Four-wheel Brake Third built 1911
LNWR 109 Four-wheel Brake Third built 1911


Present Location Kent East Sussex
County Location Kent
Designed For LNWR
Build Location Wolverton
Type BTY
First Number 109
Later Numbers 7965, 27687, K&ESR31, K&ESR 101, K&ESR 67
Present Number 27687
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement 4 wheel
Original Underframe Yes
Original Bogies/Wheelsets Yes
Additional Notes NLR 109, LMS 7965 then 27687. Sold to Woolwich Arsenal c 1940: here carried Winston Churchill. P 1964: the 'Woolwich Coach'. Restoration completed 7/04, with support from a bequest and a Millennium Commission grant.
Owner K&ESR Locomotive Trust
External Structural Condition Very Good
Internal Structural Condition Very Good
Underframe Condition Very Good
External Finish Very Good
Internal Finish Very Good
Degree of External Originality As built/last Passenger rebuild (BR or before)
Degree of Internal Originality Much replaced/reproduced material
Degree of Underframe/Running Gear Originality Some replaced/reproduced material
Degree of External Authenticity Very Good
Degree of Internal Authenticity Good
Degree of Underframe Authenticity Very Good
Rarity Unique
Historical Importance Very Important
Storage Open
Operating Yes
Survey Date 27/07/2004
Surveyor David Wigley
Photo Date 02/08/2015
Photo by Steve West
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 20/04/2016





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