LMS 31361 Gangwayed Full Brake built 1949

LMS 31361 Gangwayed Full Brake built 1949

LMS 31361 Gangwayed Full Brake built 1949
LMS 31361 Gangwayed Full Brake built 1949


Present Location North Brentnor Station
County Location Devon
Designed For LMS
Build Location Wolverton
Built by BR
Diagram number 2171
Lot number 1508
Type BG
First Number 31361
Later Numbers XDB977031
Present Number M31361
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement 4-w bogies
Original Underframe Yes
Original Bogies/Wheelsets Yes
Additional Notes P 1987 by R Edmondson: at Carnforth till moved to East Kent 1992 (via Mangapps). Gangways removed; dummy duckett (no window). Used for some time as static buffet: kitchen at one end; fluorescent lighting; loose tables and chairs, with curtains, large prints. 05/17: now houses a small museum at Eythorne. By 03/18: to North Brentnor Station, Devon.
External Structural Condition Good
Internal Structural Condition Good
Underframe Condition Good
External Finish Satisfactory
Internal Finish Very Good
Degree of External Originality Some replaced/reproduced material
Degree of Internal Originality Conversion/rebuild/reproduction
Degree of Underframe/Running Gear Originality As left Departmental service
Degree of External Authenticity Fair
Degree of Internal Authenticity Not Applicable
Degree of Underframe Authenticity Very Good
Rarity Several
Historical Importance no Immediate Importance/Not Applicable
Storage Secure Open
Operating No
Survey Date 17/07/1999
Surveyor Paul Holroyd
Photo Date 26/07/2014
Photo by Steve West
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 05/08/2018





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