LNER 1866 Thompson Corridor Brake Third built 1950

LNER 1866 Thompson Corridor Brake Third built 1950

LNER 1866 Thompson Corridor Brake Third built 1950
LNER 1866 Thompson Corridor Brake Third built 1950


Present Location North Norfolk
County Location Norfolk
Designed For LNER
Build Location Doncaster
Built by BR
Diagram number 346
Type BTK
First Number 1866
Later Numbers E1866E, E1866, DE321120, 99400
Present Number None
Current Livery BR Crimson Lake and Cream
Gauge 4ft 8 1/2in
Wheel Arrangement 4-w bogies
Original Underframe Yes
Original Bogies/Wheelsets Yes
Additional Notes P pre 1977 as Support Coach for "Blue Peter". Dinting till 1986, then to ICI Wilton. 1992 to Llangollen. Part of one side had rotted and fallen off, with part of the remaining frame also rotten. Restoration well advanced by 07/12, by which time all the frame repairs had been completed, body reclad in new steel, and in undercoat for a BR crimson lake and cream livery finish. All compartments had been removed in Departmental days: not planned to reinstate these. Instead, planned to restore the passenger half as an open saloon with First Class style seating to accompany Buffet Lounge car 1706. The double doors at the Brake end will provide disabled access. All this will not change the external appearance (see main photo and second additional photo) and will not prevent any future restoration back into a BTK. By 08/18: moved to North Norfolk Railway.
External Structural Condition Very Good
Internal Structural Condition Very Good
Underframe Condition Very Good
External Finish Very Good
Internal Finish Very Good
Degree of External Originality Much replaced/reproduced material
Degree of Internal Originality Conversion/rebuild/reproduction
Degree of Underframe/Running Gear Originality As left Departmental service
Degree of External Authenticity Very Good
Degree of Internal Authenticity Poor
Degree of Underframe Authenticity Fair
Rarity Unique
Historical Importance of some Importance
Storage Secure Open
Operating Yes
Survey Date 11/10/2003
Surveyor Kevin Stroud
Photo Date 08/05/2018
Photo by Peter Lund
At Risk No
Date Record Last Updated 22/08/2018

Byron Chamberlain 22/05/2006: earlier condition
Byron Chamberlain 22/05/2006: earlier condition

Steve West 18/05/2018: another view
Steve West 18/05/2018: another view




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